About Us

The Merlin Labs team is building the definitive autonomy system for all things that fly. We’re creating sophisticated software and hardware that fulfill the functions of a human pilot.

Driven To Ship Real Results

Recognizing that academic research projects and flashy demos don’t cut it, we’re driven to ship real results to partners, customers and regulators.

Hundreds of Autonomous Missions

We have flown hundreds of takeoff to touchdown missions out of our facility at the Mojave Air & Space Port

Thousands of Simulation Hours

We have performed thousands of simulated test hours

Our Integrated Platform

We have integrated our platform into four different aircraft types, ranging from single-engine to complex, multi-engine aircraft

Merlin is co-located in Boston, Los Angeles, and Denver with a wholly owned subsidiary, Merlin Labs New Zealand, and several partner sites across the U.S.
About us

Keeping Our Priorities Straight

Nothing matters more than safety, and this belief guides everything we do. We’re working with some of the world’s top safety experts to deploy autonomy through our “crawl, walk, run” approach. We’ll continue to do our due diligence at every step, from concept through implementation, and to safely integrate into the National Airspace System in partnership with regulators. 

Our commitment to safety goes hand in hand with our commitment to certification. We’ve assembled a highly experienced certification team, and the majority of our system components are already certification-ready. 

Finally, our team is focused on on-board autonomy rather than remote piloting. Our immediate goal is to allow an aircraft to make its own decisions, with a pilot maintaining a presence for monitoring purposes. Longer term, we seek to enable aircraft to fly safely without a human on board.